About General Fuel Supply, LLC.: Three Generations of Quality Air Conditioning & Home Heating Oil Services

General Fuel Supply, LLC. was formed more than 60 years ago on a vision to not only offer its customers honest and dependable service, but to also provide quality brand name products. Today General Fuel upholds the same standard, offering superb home heating oil and air conditioning services throughout Gloucester and Camden Counties in southern New Jersey.

Three generations of hard work and vast HVAC knowledge enables General Fuel Supply, LLC. to offer its customers unmatched service in:

A Customer-Focused Approach Geared Toward Maintaining Excellent Home Heating Oil & Air Condition Services

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Take advantage of our numerous customer-based services, including our automatic delivery plan, which ensures that even on the coldest night, your family will be warm. We’ll monitor your fuel needs and automatically schedule your next delivery before you realize you’re low on fuel. We also offer guaranteed 24 hour service, 7 days a week for home heating and air condition products, including heating oil tanks, hot water boilers, air conditioning units and much more!

Sign up for a General Fuel Supply, LLC. service plan, which covers oil burner motors, nozzle assembly and ignition parts, seasonal service and much more! Our advanced heating oil is comprised of ultra-low sulfur and an UltraGuard fuel additive, which keeps your heating oil clean and sludge free. UltraGuard is not only good for oil tank longevity, it also helps avoid fuel-related problems in the future.

We take pride in our prompt service and work hard to keep you smiling day in and day out. Contact us for more information or to make General Fuel Supply, LLC. your preferred heating oil company.

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