Unmatched Home Heating Oil and Air Conditioning Services

Here at General Fuel Supply, LLC., we're proud to offer you superb home heating oil and air conditioning services at a price you can afford. Our extensive heating oil background allows us to give you the best warm air furnace, diesel fuel heating and heating oil tank service in the industry. Our comprehensive, customer-based services include:

  • Automatic Delivery Plans
    • Our optional Automatic Delivery Plan ensures that even on the coldest night, your family will be warm. If you choose this service, we will monitor your fuel needs, and will schedule your next delivery automatically, before you even realize you are low on oil. This way you never have to worry that you'll run out of oil. This is especially beneficial to new home owners, who may not be able to predict their home heating needs.
  • 24 Hour "Watch-Dog" Service
    • Our 24 Hour "Watch-Dog" Service is in place so you can call us at any time, 24 hours a day, if you experience problems with your air conditioning or home heating system. You can rely on us to be there promptly to diagnose and fix the problem. That's our guarantee!
  • Service Insurance Policies
    • We understand that problems with your heating system can at times be unavoidable and that unexpected service calls and parts don't always fit into your budget. To eliminate this worry, we offer a Service Insurance Policy. Under this policy, all service calls and necessary parts are covered at no extra cost. Having your heating system inspected and cleaned once a year is vital to its longevity. Therefore, our insurance policy also covers annual inspection and cleaning of your heating system.
  • Budget Plan
    • Some customers like the convenience of spreading their heating costs over the entire year, rather than paying higher amounts during the peak heating season. To accommodate these types of requests, we offer flexible Budget Plans, which can be important during the frigid months of January and February. By paying a lower amount over a longer period of time, you can predict your heating expenses.

Contact us for more information on our comprehensive, customer-based services. We pride ourselves on providing 60 years of quality and reliable heating oil and air conditioning services.

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