State-Of-The-Art Heating Oil Tanks

Here at General Fuel Supply, LLC., we stand behind our products making sure they're made of the highest quality. Our advanced heating oil tanks are built to last, offering safe, compact and economically sound features. We offer two exceptionally built tanks, which include:

  • Granby Steel Tanks – Granby Steel Tanks are compact and offer a variety of tank styles including cylindrical space saver, two-in-one safety tank, skid tank and UL 80 domestic oil tank. Granby Steel Tanks also offer a tank containment, or "Tank Tub," for quick and easy concealment of your heating oil tank.
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  • Roth Tanks – Roth double wall fuel oil tanks are manufactured to the highest standards, offering unmatched safety features. Roth Oil Tanks feature a blow molded seamless inner tank of high-density polyethylene, which is completely leak proof and corrosion resistant. The outer tank is made of galvanized steel, which is lock seamed and sealed with an oil and fire resistant seal. Roth Oil Tanks offer double wall protection meaning if the outer tank fails, the inner tank offers secondary containment for optimal protection. Modern Quality Control procedures (ISO 9000 certified) ensure that each inner and outer tank has been pressure tested for uniform wall thickness and tank integrity.
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Our guaranteed 24 hour service combined with our vast knowledge and years of industry leading experience enables us to offer you the very best in heating oil tanks. We're certified to install Roth double walled tanks and flame retention oil burners and offer heating system installation for both residential and commercial use.

Contact us for more information on our heating oil tanks or to make General Fuel Supply, LLC. your preferred heating oil company.

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